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Japan is a country with a centuries-old history and rich national traditions. Many dream of visiting this fabulous country. Having been there, travelers bring with them a lot of impressions…

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Making souvenir dolls is a separate direction in art. Dolls created by craftsmen are very valuable pieces that take part in international exhibitions. Many collectors and museums want to have…

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The methods of recording sound and its carriers have come a long way in evolution. Currently, sound recordings are in digital format and have left vinyl records far behind. But…

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Everyone loves to receive jewelry as a gift, especially women. Their choice is very large, so you need to choose a thing that will correspond to the future owner in many ways. Jewelry is not only distinguished by its diversity, but also by its value. They will be an excellent gift to an important person and a nice inexpensive souvenir brought from memory from around the world. With this publication I want to start a story about various precious and semiprecious stones. After all, they all have different properties, and knowledge of them can greatly facilitate the choice of a gift. I hope you will be interested to read about the different stones used in jewelry, and about their history. I want to start a series of publications with the history of one stone. And this is the famous Koch-i-Nor diamond. Continue reading


I continue the series of publications about precious stones, without which various jewelry presented as a gift would not have such incomparable beauty. If you have already read the article The Famous Koch-i-Nor Diamond, then you realized that each stone has its own amazing story. In this article, you will learn what a ruby ​​gem is all about. Choosing jewelry as a gift, it will be useful to know about the properties of this stone, and whether it is suitable for the person who will be intended. The ruby ​​is called the king of gems. Find out why.

The history of the ruby ​​begins in ancient India, which was famous for its temples and rich rajas. In addition, caste differences and constant feuds between princes already existed there then. Then India was a very rich country, it was simply buried in luxury. Wealthy Rajas mined and stored precious stones, as we now collect various objects. India was the cradle of precious stones: topazes, sapphires, diamonds, rubies. From there they were brought to Greece, Egypt and Rome. Only after that did they end up in Europe and Russia. Continue reading


A ring as a gift for a significant day or just like that is the best way to prove your love and appreciation to a loved one. If you decide to make such a gift, it is necessary to take into account a lot of details when choosing it, so that the choice is correct. Many people believe that rings of gold or silver, decorated with stones, are endowed with extraordinary power. They are able to have a therapeutic effect and give the owners amazing properties. Ancient people believed in this, and this faith holds true now.

In the past, it was believed that natural stones absorbed energy from space. Therefore, they convey to the people who wear them additional energy. She enhances their own qualities. Precious stones in a frame of gold and silver give a person health, a surge of strength, happiness and good luck. Therefore, a gift ring with a gem should not be randomly selected. A small overview of the stones, in which you can find out what they symbolize, will help you not to make a mistake and make a great gift. Continue reading


Rose quartz, like ruby ​​gemstone, is actively used to make various jewelry and souvenirs. Continuing the series of publications on various precious and semiprecious stones, we will talk about the rose quartz mineral and its jewelry. Knowing information about different stones is very useful, because when choosing gifts with their use, you have to consider many features.

Natural rose quartz can be called the king among translucent quartz. Transparent samples are very rare in nature; they are distinguished by their extraordinary beauty and are quite expensive. Quartz is a very fragile mineral, but despite this, it is popular in the production of jewelry of various types.

Quartz can be called the most common mineral that is in the deposits of the earth. Its peculiarity is that it can acquire different colors depending on the impurities in it. Manganese and titanium give it a color from pale to bright pink. Such a quartz with a certain processing can get completely different colors: from colorless to black. Continue reading


The time has come when digital technology is taking a leading position. They penetrated into all spheres of life, and even photography became digital. We are so used to images taken using a mobile phone, digital camera or camera. Along with the traditional photo frames that are present in every home, convenient and practical digital photo frames are now used. And does everyone know that the usual wooden picture frame contributed to the emergence of photo frames.

The history of the appearance of simple frames, which were one of the components of the interior, goes back to ancient times. They were used to frame window openings and doors. In the meaning that the frame now has, it began to be used from about the 14th century. At this time, artists of that era began to post their paintings in them.

The frame was of particular importance. Often, it carried a certain meaning in itself, being, as it were, a continuation of the picture. She made up a single composition with the picture. Frames at that time were decorated with gold paintings, which are traditional and are also found in modern products. Continue reading

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