New Year's gifts: how to become a magician?
New Year's gifts ... with what impatience we are waiting for them in childhood! We do our best not to fall asleep, so as not to miss the appearance of…

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Antique gifts are a great idea to please collectors and connoisseurs of antiques, each of which has its own story. Among the antiques you can see a lot of elegant…

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Pictures in the head's office
Workshop Art Studio BRAND HISTORY specializes in the manufacture of thematic business gifts and art products for the design of the office of the head or office of the company.…

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expensive luxurious frame

Business gifts and souvenirs

Sometimes you think – what is it like to give to a person you like, but you are still new to each other ?! For a business gift, you need some reason. Let’s say this is your new business partner and you need to establish good relations with him. So what to do in order to attract attention, but not seem intrusive?

The best idea is to find this reason and make an original gift! On the website of our studio, you will find a catalog of the most refined, business and symbolic gifts. Here you can find something suitable for a specific person and a specific event.

Business gifts and their types
Business gifts of various subjects for very respectable men, businessmen and executives. Among them are thematic artwork that will appeal to even the most picky customers. There are several types of business gifts, which are mainly art objects. Continue reading

What to give for a birthday

When one wants to please a loved one, a loved one, to bring joy to a neighbor or neighbor, to make a pleasant work colleague or boss. What to give for a birthday? Or for some holiday or no reason at all, just like that. No wonder it is said: “Roads are not a gift, but attention is expensive.”

Choosing the right gift is not an easy task. After all, the giver every time tries to invest, and then give part of his soul. To see the sparkle in the eyes of a person and to make sure that the gift is pleasant and the efforts were not in vain, is the highest degree of joy.

Birthday Gifts for Everyone
Almost always the best birthday present was a good book. Continue reading

Souvenirs from Russia

In every city or village in a huge country there is something to offer the traveler. Souvenirs in general are better to buy in their native, historical places of their origin. This guarantees authenticity and supports local traditional crafts and crafts. Here is a list of interesting purchases compiled by experienced travelers in Russia.

Souvenirs from Moscow
Moscow is the birthplace of one of the most famous Russian souvenirs – Russian dolls. These hand-crafted wooden sister dolls, hiding in one another, have long conquered the world. What was once a simple children’s toy has now become a work of art and a collectible.

There are other magnificent things made according to the ancient traditions of artisans of Moscow villages and towns. For example, bright and airy shawls with lush floral patterns from Pavlovsky Posad or metal trays adorned by artists from Zhostovo. Continue reading

Birthday present
A birthday present for a boss is a responsible matter and is not always easy to find and choose, especially when it comes to selecting a truly worthy present for…


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