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Selection of VIP Gifts
VIP gifts - a separate category of presentations that can successfully perform several different and important functions in communication between people. The choice of VIP gifts should be taken seriously.…

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Dancing is not only fashionable, stylish and beautiful, it is also useful: the correct posture is formed, endurance and a sense of rhythm are trained, the figure is improved and…

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TOP 10 gifts
1. It is difficult for women to admit this, but life without a new ring is a so-so occupation :-). And no matter how many they already are, for new…

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Photo frames and paintings, like wrist watches, are a universal gift that can be presented to any person, both close and unfamiliar. In any case, there will be a use for the photo frame, and it will fit with dignity into the interior of the house or study, complementing and decorating it. Photo storage frames can have desktop and pendant designs. Currently, you can see products of various designs made of different materials. Very beautiful and elegant look author’s photo frames in the interior of the apartments.

The choice of photo frames is now very rich. It is important to consider to whom you want to present this souvenir and where it will be placed. If the gift is intended for a study, where on the table there is an abundance of various souvenirs (writing and office supplies), then it is better to choose a hanging structure. A photo frame with your favorite photo on the wall will greatly enliven your office environment. Continue reading


TALISMAN FENG SHUI AS A GIFTA crystal globe is one of the feng shui mascots that you can buy not only in specialized stores. In any gift shop or department you will see these beautiful items. Especially expensive and interesting will be such a gift to people who are fond of this ancient Chinese teaching. And a person who is not particularly familiar with feng shui may be interested in such a gift if you tell him why a crystal globe is necessary. With this souvenir, a fascination with Feng Shui mascots and this very teaching can begin.

The crystal globe is a popular subject, but not everyone is aware of its purpose and role in human life. Therefore, fill the gaps in knowledge by learning more about this amazing accessory. A globe made of beautiful crystal can be an adornment of any interior. By placing it on the desk, where pupils and students are engaged, you can activate the knowledge zone. This will help them master many sciences. The globe is also useful for people who are engaged in science, creative activity, and writers. Continue reading


All the ancient peoples who inhabited the vast expanses of our planet had gods or idols whom they worshiped. There were also different animals that were endowed with the functions of the defenders of the tribe. In addition to various cave paintings of gods, archaeologists often find, during excavations in different places, Indian statues with images of gods and animals. This proves once again that a lot of time has passed since the statuette appeared, and that it was of great importance to man. Figurines of different nationalities and tribes are of great interest from a historical and cultural point of view.

Background: “By the time of European colonization, the Indian tribes of Central America had a highly developed culture, which was destroyed by the conquerors. Wood carving was especially developed among the Indians. It is found among the Indians of North America (northwest coast) and among the tribes of South America. Various gravestone and totem poles are widespread here, where a combination of fantastic patterns and scenes from real life is observed. Among the Indian tribes, the craft of weaving, embroidery, making feather jewelry, weaving, making clay products and various figures was widespread. The original culture of the Indians in many areas disappeared after colonization, and in a number of places it gave rise to the folk art of the Indians of colonial and modern times. ” Continue reading


Various figures and figurines are always a good gift. A correctly selected figurine, taking into account the nature and human qualities of the person being gifted, will be appropriate for any occasion. A souvenir that fits perfectly into the interior of the study will be a statuette of a knight from different eras. Images of knights contribute to creating a special mood and success in business on a long journey of life. Why are these figurines so interesting?

All human life can be compared with war and battle. We are constantly encountering difficulties in our life’s journey, we are struggling with them in order to ensure a happy future for ourselves and our children. To win, a person must not lose his strength of mind and self-confidence. It seems that the figurines depicting warriors and knights are just figures, speechless and frozen in a warlike pose. But, if you look at it from the other side, they are able to cheer up a person in difficult situations and give him strength to move on.

When looking at them, a person recalls that he is strong, successful and capable of achieving a greater individual. Any souvenirs, not only figurines, are more than a piece of furniture. Continue reading


Ivory figurines are a wonderful gift, because they are real works of art and are made by skilled craftsmen by hand. The tradition of making items from elephant bones appeared in China, where to this day amazing statuettes and other products are made.

Ivory items made by Chinese craftsmen are highly accurate. Be it statuettes or other objects, they convey to the smallest detail the appearance of the original object. The figurines depicting people, animals and abstract objects are especially unique. They will decorate the interior and as a gift, will delight people who are destined.

In China, ivory figurines depicted religious scenes and were dedicated to Buddha. Such products are made for their country. But other objects have been imported to Europe from ancient times: elegant cases for playing cards, fans and amazing openwork balls.

In the Meiji era, magnificent figurines were created from this material in Japan. They portrayed geishas, ​​fishermen and warriors. Very valuable representatives of figurines are okimono figurines. Continue reading

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Various figures and figurines are always a good gift. A correctly selected figurine, taking into account the nature and human qualities of the person being gifted, will be appropriate for…


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