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Making souvenir dolls is a separate direction in art. Dolls created by craftsmen are very valuable pieces that take part in international exhibitions. Many collectors and museums want to have such samples in their gallery. Souvenir dolls not only give joy when we contemplate them, but many of them allow us to learn more about the culture of different peoples and their lives. The main thing for the master who makes dolls in national costumes is how to accurately convey the spirit of the era that they represent. In the case of author’s dolls, the master is given complete freedom of creativity. This is his fantasy, so the products are extraordinary. They are usually made in a single copy, therefore, the most valuable.

About the story of the appearance of dolls
Making souvenir dolls

The very first pupae appeared long ago. They depicted animals and birds, as well as people. It was difficult to name them toys then, since they were intended for rituals and spells. In the concept of “toy” dolls appeared in the Middle Ages. They were made of porcelain, which was an expensive material. Even children of noble persons could play with them not every day.

In Russia, dolls were made from improvised materials until the 18th century. They were made for children from pieces of old material and stuffed with leaves, bird feathers or straw. Such products were the ancestors of modern toys. With the advent and development of industry, factories producing toys began to open. From the 19th century papier-mâché material appeared, which replaced rags, paper and straw. Before the Patriotic War of 1941, dolls were made from cellulose, and then dolls and plastic products appeared. As collectibles, dolls became interesting in our country only after perestroika.

Making souvenir dolls is a painstaking and complicated process, but very interesting. And the result is simply amazing! There are many materials for creating these masterpieces. Consider the most common of them:


It is durable material, but fragile. His homeland is China. It was from there that he was brought to Europe, and then to Russia. Famous porcelain factories made beautiful figurines that adorned the royal palaces.


It is easy to make various crafts from wood, including souvenir dolls. It is not as durable as porcelain, as it is exposed to moisture, fungi and mold. But with proper storage, the souvenir will live a long time. Look at our nesting doll, it is made of wood!

The cloth.

From the fabric you can create different artistic images. Matter dolls have a basis – a wire frame made up of parts. It provides strength to the toy, and also allows you to give different poses.

Papier mache.

A special material that is made of paper or cardboard with the addition of adhesives. From this mass, the desired shape is molded or it is obtained by layer-by-layer gluing of pieces of paper.


Durable material, not afraid of external influences. The desired shape is easily obtained from it by molding on special machines.


Souvenir dolls are not often made from it. But there are figurines depicting one or another character, although these are not quite dolls in the generally accepted sense. But the tin soldiers were the favorite toys of all the boys of a certain time.

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