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One of the important accessories of a business person are business cards and business card holders. For several centuries now they have been accompanying important people and ordinary officials. The main purpose of business card holders is to ensure the safety of business cards. But, besides this, they serve as an accessory that emphasizes the style of their owner and position in society. Now for a business person, these accessories are an integral part of their image. Business cards appeared long ago, and I think their story will be of interest to many.

At different times, business card holders were made from a variety of materials and had a peculiar design. Their appearance began with the mass production of business cards, which, according to archaeological excavations, appeared even before our era. It happened in ancient China. Ancient specimens were red and made of different materials. They usually indicated the name of the owner and his position. Nothing more. The presence of a person’s business card showed its significance and excellent taste.

In Europe, France was the first country where business cards and business card holders appeared. After that, they spread throughout Europe, becoming a fashion accessory. Printed business cards first appeared in Germany, where they were already made in compliance with certain rules. Their wide distribution led to the fact that they became the property of not only the upper layers of society, but also ordinary employees of officials.

With the mass appearance of business cards, devices for storing them – business card holders – began to be manufactured. Their manufacture was an art requiring special skill. In Russia, they became popular since the 19th century, where they looked like envelopes, beautifully decorated with various decorations. Later appeared a variety of business cards and business card holders. The latter were made either desktop or pocket. Until now, valuable specimens belonging to noble people have been preserved. They are made of expensive materials and decorated with jewelry. Desktop card holders were often supplemented with statuettes and other writing-related accessories.

It is difficult for a modern person to do without everyday objects in everyday life that help him keep track of time. To help people created smartphones with calendars and timers, special devices on your computer with programs reminiscent of important events and many other gadgets. But perhaps the most familiar and common is the diaries beloved by all. To date, this necessary thing is at the top of popularity among souvenirs and gifts, especially in the business sector.
Diaries are issued in a different design, so you can always choose a gift for a specific person: executive officer, office workers, for men and women. Diaries have firmly entered our lives, many people use them. And not everyone knows what interesting facts are associated with them.

Diary story
The concept itself appeared in 1650 in Italy. It arose from the Latin word, which meant “things to do.” Those who had diaries were considered significant individuals and they had something to write in this book. These accessories were made to order from famous masters. They were decorated with family emblems and decorated with jewelry. The binding of the diaries was leather, and the information about the owner and the address to which it should be returned in case of loss were indicated inside the book.

Advantages of the diary
Despite the abundance of various gadgets, the book for daily recordings remains a popular office accessory and its sales are growing. What is the reason for this? Several significant factors can be distinguished:

1. The safety of information. Trendy gadgets face many dangers: accidentally spilled liquid, software malfunction, thieves, curious children can break the device. This will lead to the loss of all information. The diary is more persistent in this regard.

2. The cost of a book for notes is much less than any gadget.

3. The independence of the diary from other devices. For example, a smartphone may be discharged at the right time. And the notebook is always at hand and the ink in the pen rarely runs out unexpectedly.

4. A book for notes is individual for each of its owners. A stylish diary and an expensive pen of famous delirium are a sign of owner status.

5. Making notes in a book is much more convenient and more familiar than typing them on the gadget’s keyboard.

Diary creativity
If you think books for daily notes and notes have a boring design, you are deeply mistaken. You can find many originally designed diaries, with additional useful devices, such as watches. Existing needlework methods allow you to independently arrange a book for notes, in this case, the gift will be even more valuable.

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