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Valentine’s Day Gift

February 4 is the holiday of all lovers, and on this day it is customary to exchange gifts. The fair half of humanity often thinks that only they should receive surprises. But Hotline does not agree with such a statement of the question! Our selection of gifts presents ideas that are suitable for two – you and your loved one.

1. Headphones are a must-have of today. It is easy to distract and dream with them: in transport, in the queue for shopping, on the way to work or a date.

Compact and lightweight models are a good gift; they will not interfere in your pocket, backpack or bag.

Feel free to buy two identical pairs, and in order not to get confused, choose headphones with a cable of a different color.

Philips SHE3595 Headphones – 3 pairs of interchangeable headsets for a perfect fit to your ear and 1.2 m cable

2. Thermo mug – a gift for tea or coffee gourmets, travelers and those who like to walk in the fresh air.

With a thermomug, the word “care” acquires a quite tangible meaning. Especially when there is a serious minus outside the window, and you go hugging with a thermomug to work or study.

And real romantics will now be able to spend an unforgettable winter day in a park with warm cocoa and a soul mate.

If festive red is not your color, choose a cup of your favorite shade and enjoy comfort.

Thermo mug Peterhof PH-12418 will be able to maintain the initial temperature of the drink, regardless of the weather

3. Happy hours do not watch? We are ready to argue – looking at such a watch, you will rush on a date much faster.

Choose a neutral white unisex model – these stylish watches will suit both.

Hint for fans of social networks: original photos in the same watch and the hashtag “sleeve” will bring a lot of likes.

Unisex Timex T2N341 watch on your hand – no more lateness

4. A romantic pillow is a wonderful gift for those who share time or space on Valentine’s Day.

Wake up in the morning and the first thing you see is keep calm and love me. And the mood improves, no more worries, because you are together!

Such pillows should be taken in pairs, due to the hypoallergenic properties they are suitable for everyone.

With the Love throw pillow you will only fall asleep and wake up in a good mood

5. Love is in the air – Tom Jones sang in his famous song. How I want love to be with us forever! We cannot guarantee this, but we know how to preserve its symbol.

The recipe is simple: choose a pendant that symbolizes love and is liked by both. Wear it on a chain or cord. The ideal choice is a model that can be divided in half, handing each one a piece.

When sad thoughts come to mind or start quarreling, touch the pendant and be glad that you are together.

Silver pendant Winter heart – and love will be with you every day

6. Sport is an effective way to let off steam and relieve negative emotions. And these are common interests, goals that bring together, and more time spent together.

If you are a couple who loves sports and healthy lifestyle, a sports bracelet will be a useful gift for Valentine’s Day.

Inside the bracelet is a pedometer, heart rate monitor and sleep tracking function, and its OLED display shows missed calls, time and current heart rate.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Sports Bracelet (Orange) guarantees up to 20 days of battery life

7. If you both love to read, discussing bestsellers of the book world on joint walks and easily mix classic novels with business literature – choose a good book as a gift for February 14.

This may be an extended edition of your favorite author, a new novel that you recently saw in a movie or a collection of aphorisms about love.

A nice bonus: we recommend supplementing the book with a nice bookmark for a girl.

8. A gift certificate is a great way to extend your relationship. And not only for paid 2-3 hours, look at the situation broader. The more a couple has common interests, the stronger your union will be.

Find gift classes for two for fun activities and conversation topics.

Riding or rollerblading lesson, rock or pottery, caramel or chocolates master class – choose an option to your taste and forget about boring evenings in an embrace with gadgets and indifferent “how are you?”.

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