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How to choose a women’s perfume

From time immemorial, there was a special attitude to smells, even Coco Chanel said: “A woman without perfumes is a woman without a future.” Today, as before, aromas are associated with the completeness of the image, give charm and charm, give confidence and simply inspire. We will tell you how to choose the right perfume in our customer guide.

Every woman wants to have in her arsenal a bottle with the perfect aroma, and many are familiar with the difficulties in finding it. This material contains all the most important and important things regarding the choice of perfumes, eau de parfum and others.

Types of Women’s Perfumes
Modern perfumery products are presented:

perfume (parfum);
Eau de Parfum (EDP);
eau de toilette (EDT);
colognes (EDC);
deodorants (DEO parfum);
solid perfumes and oil;
Perfumed creams, shower gels, soap, lotions and body smoke.
The main difference between them is in the composition, to be more precise, in the concentration of aromatic substances.

Above all are perfumes or Parfume. They contain 15-35% of essential oils, are resistant (about 6 hours on the skin and much longer on clothes), have three distinct phases of opening.

During the first minutes, the so-called top note is felt. Then the “heart” of spirits enters into their rights, for about 2-4 hours. All the remaining time, their owner is accompanied by a light trail of aroma.

Real spirits do not tolerate one-sidedness – they are called upon to constantly surprise with their variability. The main families of perfume aromas are: floral, citrus, amber, chypre, wood, aromatic and leather.

Perfumes are preferable for evening exits, they are applied in a small amount on the pulse zones: the wrist, the back of the head or the neck in the neck, and hold on the hair and natural tissues for a long time.

Elite aromas are an indicator of good taste and a great gift for the fair sex.

Perfume CHANEL №19 – a bouquet of smells of the forest and flowers. A moment and you are irresistible!

Eau de Parfum contains from 13 to 20% aromatic oils. Due to the successful combination of affordable price and high quality, it is widely popular among girls and women. The smell lasts about 4 hours and most often EDP is used as a daily option.

The concentration of aromatic substances in eau de toilette (Eau de Toilette) is 4-13%. The smell is not as sharp and saturated as that of spirits, but lightweight and unobtrusive, lasts up to 2-3 hours. EDT is a great choice for everyday use: work, study, travel, etc.

Cologne (Eau de Cologne) contains 3-5% ether extract, also suitable for every day. The fragrance is light, least persistent.

Perfumed deodorant can be either an independent flavored product, or an addition to a certain line of perfumes. Perfumed deodorants sometimes have antibacterial properties, they are characterized by a low content of odorous substances, affordable cost and a varied assortment.

A bit about testers and probes. Testers are a demo of a fragrance for sale. They differ in a more modest design than the original (they come in technical packaging, often without a cover), as a result, they are much cheaper. For a gift to a loved one, the tester will not work, but for personal use it is quite suitable.

Miniatures / probes (mini / vail) are irreplaceable for experiments with new smells. They will also help out when you want to pamper yourself with the aroma of a leading global brand without sacrificing your family budget.

Deodorant Citrus L’Erbolario gives a feeling of freshness and vigor for the whole day

Who will we please?
If you buy perfume for yourself – the probability of a mistake in choosing is minimal. You can’t confuse your fragrance with anything else, although you can’t always find it right away.

Undoubted signs that you are on the right track are a preoccupation with the smell, lack of dizziness, discomfort, nausea and headache when inhaled.

If you are going to please yourself with the purchase of a new fragrance, try to write down the names of already familiar perfumes, which are based on your favorite smell.

It can be the aroma of roses or lily of the valley, chocolate or cinnamon, lemon or even raspberries – relying on your favorite notes, it will be easier for you to navigate with the choice of a new perfume.

When shopping, do not get carried away with “tasting” – after 5 probes, a clear perception of smell is lost. Before testing each subsequent sample, it will not hurt to go out to freshen up on the street or smell coffee.

Looking for a fragrant gift for your soulmate, sister, girlfriend, mom or grandmother? Find out in advance about their personal preferences, ask what spirits they use and which they would like to replenish their dressing table. Everyone has different tastes, and it will be difficult to guess.

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