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7 interesting gift impressions

The theme of gifts before the New Year is simply inexhaustible. Because each of us has a person who wants to make not a simple gift, but something abruptly. Today we will tell you how to organize a surprise for those who no longer believe in Santa Claus and put their impressions under the tree.

Impression gifts are service certificates that are beautifully designed and do not require you to worry. The list of offers is provided by the agency for the sale of unusual gifts, it also takes care of all the hassles of organizing.

If you can’t decide what to give to loved ones and loved ones, then switch your attention from things to impressions. And that’s why it’s worth it.

Impression gifts are already popular, but not yet mainstream.
Present in the form of a beautiful certificate for an unusual holiday is a popular trend. And if before you had to tinker with such an unusual gift yourself, now everything is organized by specialized stores, such as Furpur.

And at the same time, the gift-impression is original. The only reason that everyone does not give an impression of a present is the habit that has taken root in the head to hand something “more substantial”. But think for yourself what’s more interesting: a city view in the glow of New Year’s lights from a bird’s flight from a helicopter cockpit or another “gentleman’s set” of gifts on duty?

Impressions are practical
Some gifts-impressions, if you carefully examine their range, not only leave a memory and nice packaging about themselves, but also bring tangible tangible benefits.

For example, a photo shoot, after which professional photos remain. Or a certificate for tailoring a suit in an atelier. The result, as you might guess, is an individual costume.

Many experiences are also educational in nature, such as excursions and walks. And for some, this is an occasion to find out what is called a hybrid of an airplane and a helicopter (and it is called “gyroplane” or “gyrocopter”).

Impression gifts protect the budget from New Year’s fever
When all stores are hung with advertising with discounts, it’s hard to stop and not buy too much. Or buy a gift that seemed so cool on the window, but after a careful study of the house brought only disappointment.

The choice of impressions in this sense is more convenient. You have a budget from which you can build on (and you can choose an event as a gift for any wallet), a list of gifts and time to think. Without leaving your home you can make an original surprise.

Impressions value more than things over time
Dr. Thomas Gilovich, a researcher at Cornell University in the United States, is studying the effects of money on happiness. And he found out that over time the value of the purchased thing in our eyes decreases, and the value of the experience and impressions, on the contrary, increases. That is, every time we recall pleasant impressions, we like them more and more.

And a romantic weekend on a deer farm will cause a smile even many years later.

Impression gifts are very personal
If you know the character and aspirations of the gifted person, then you can imagine what will appeal to him more: a quest in reality, dinner in a restaurant or driving a race car.

When choosing a gift, there is almost always a risk of not falling into expectations. And if you are not sure that a person will like extreme sports or, on the contrary, a relaxing holiday, then present a certificate that includes the right to choose a service. Let the addressee decide what is more interesting for him: a master class in pottery, a visit to the spa or flying in a balloon.

Moreover, such a gift adapts to the schedule and opportunities of the happy owner. The certificate is valid for several months, so you can catch adventures by the tail at a convenient time.

Impression gifts make your dream come true
Have you heard that everyone has a dream that can be fulfilled before the end of the week, but some make it the dream of a lifetime? Sometimes a person just needs to be pushed so that he finally does what he wants.

What could it be? For example, recording a song in a studio. It happens that a person does not take up talent. And at the same time modesty. Just fear prevents you from starting. Well, help remove the barriers and take a step towards the dream. Who knows, maybe your gift will change life for the better.

Impressions can be given several times
If a person once experienced a sensation of soaring in a wind tunnel and again saw a certificate for such a gift, he would never say: “Thank you, but I already have one.” I want to experience a good adventure again and again.

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