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New Year’s gifts: how to become a magician?

New Year’s gifts … with what impatience we are waiting for them in childhood!

We do our best not to fall asleep, so as not to miss the appearance of Santa Claus.

And yet, the cunning Grandfather somehow manages to come unnoticed.

On a festive morning, barely waking up, the first thing we hurry to the Christmas tree – here it is, the treasured box with a bow! What is in it? Of course, a new toy!

new year present

But everything passes, and the feeling of a holiday is lost over time. Our own children are already enjoying wonderful holidays. And for adults, they often turn into another boring duty: to prepare New Year’s gifts, buy a Christmas tree, set a festive table … what to do? How to regain the ability to believe in a miracle? It’s very simple – to turn into a wizard, and do wonders yourself! This is not at all difficult. You just need to adhere to a few simple rules that will greatly facilitate the New Year chores.

1. Make a list of everyone who needs New Year’s gifts. Try not to forget anyone: relatives, friends, work colleagues. Next to each name, indicate what you intend to give. Agree that distant acquaintances or neighbors on the landing are enough cute souvenirs, they do not need to give an expensive necklace.

2. When planning your purchases, adhere to the universal European rule: let the cost of all New Year’s gifts not exceed a tenth of the monthly salary.

3. Allocate enough time for shopping, tune in to the “festive wave.” Shopping should be fun, not a burden.

4. Do not reject the idea of ​​making Christmas gifts with your own hands. If you like tinkering and confident in your abilities – feel free to get down to business! An exclusive gift made “with a soul” is inexpensive, but it will touch everyone’s heart.

5. Do not forget about “spare” gifts. Let it be something universal that everyone will like and use: sweets, champagne, original Christmas toys. In this case, if you were unexpectedly handed a New Year’s souvenir, you can always answer the same.

6. Beautiful packaging will successfully complement any New Year’s gift.

7. Do not give ladies cheap cosmetics, men – socks, children – school supplies, and everyone, without exception, a souvenir “symbol of the year”.

8. Indulge yourself with a New Year’s gift!

9. Do not put off until the last day of the year that can be done in advance.

10. Do not forget to relax a bit before the holiday. Just sit for one hour in silence with a book or magazine. After all, you need to give and receive gifts in a good mood and with a smile on your face.

As you can see, being a wizard is an easy task.

Christmas angel gift in gold Christmas angel
New Year’s angel a gift from gold New Year’s angel
Guardian angel picture from gold Guardian angel
The workshop of exclusive gifts ART-ON-GOLD wishes you real miracles in the new year.

Create them with us, give your loved ones exclusive gifts!

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