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Souvenirs from Russia

In every city or village in a huge country there is something to offer the traveler. Souvenirs in general are better to buy in their native, historical places of their origin. This guarantees authenticity and supports local traditional crafts and crafts. Here is a list of interesting purchases compiled by experienced travelers in Russia.

Souvenirs from Moscow
Moscow is the birthplace of one of the most famous Russian souvenirs – Russian dolls. These hand-crafted wooden sister dolls, hiding in one another, have long conquered the world. What was once a simple children’s toy has now become a work of art and a collectible.

There are other magnificent things made according to the ancient traditions of artisans of Moscow villages and towns. For example, bright and airy shawls with lush floral patterns from Pavlovsky Posad or metal trays adorned by artists from Zhostovo.

Souvenirs of St. Petersburg
The northern capital is a bustling tourist center. You can find almost any Russian souvenir in shops and thematic fairs of the city. Nevertheless, for those who are looking for something unique from St. Petersburg, the best choice would be to visit one of the company stores in the Imperial Porcelain Factory.

Peter the Great was planning to build a porcelain factory, but only Elizabeth, in the first half of the eighteenth century, managed to open it. It was then that porcelain, the Russian master Dmitry Vinogradov, developed his own formula for the clay composition.

At that time, the plant satisfied only the need for the “white gold” of the royal family and high society. Now this upscale product is widely available and presented with items for every taste and budget.

Souvenirs of Nizhny Novgorod
Another cult craft is Khokhloma. Born in the village of the same name in the seventeenth century, this art painting on objects made of wood, made in green, red and golden colors, pleases the eye of connoisseurs today. Although the traveler should be more careful, because the market is awash with replicas of this famous product.

To become the owner of the original, to learn the secrets of the composition of unique paints, go to Nizhny Novgorod. And although now production has become mechanized at some stages, the quality and authenticity of the products have not suffered at all.

Souvenirs from Saratov
Saratov is an old merchant city on the Volga, with its well-established mentality and traditions. The city was built in 1590 as a watch fortress, but then became a transshipment point for merchant caravans, carrying various goods along a huge river.

In the 18th century, Saratov became a center for trade in fish and salt, and later a center for trade in flour. The symbol of the city is the sterlet fish, which is depicted on the Saratov coat of arms. Since ancient times, Saratov was famous for its great abundance of sterlet and other breeds of sturgeon. Saratov Kalach and the Saratov accordion are also famous.

Souvenirs from Russia

Souvenirs from Saratov can be images and figurines of sterlet made of various decorative materials, badges, medals, postcards on the theme of Saratov. Also here you can buy a real Saratov accordion with bells. Workshop Art Studio BRAND HISTORY located in Saratov, independently produces exclusive souvenirs and gifts on the theme of the city.

Souvenirs in Kaliningrad
Former Königsberg, this Russian city is conveniently located among the Baltic countries. This geographical circumstance provided local residents with access to the Baltic coast treasure – amber.

Who does not know, amber is small pieces of frozen wood resin that have been stored for millions of years in water and underground, saturated with various shades of color.

Amber is sold both polished, in the form of jewelry, and in its original form. Especially valuable are crystals with solidified insects. Many are confident in the healing properties of amber. So, souvenirs from this material are always in demand among travelers.

Souvenirs in Yekaterinburg
Yekaterinburg is located in the mountains of the Urals, famous for various stones and minerals. One of the most beautiful local minerals is copper-rich malachite, which has natural beautiful patterns in green and black. Although it is mined in various places around the world, the Ural deposits are among the richest.

Of course, not everyone can afford to purchase a copy of the giant vase from the malachite room of the Hermitage. But local shops offer tourists many small souvenirs that are more affordable, such as bracelets or jewelry boxes.

You should beware of plastic fakes. Real malachite must be cold and heavy. Professional workshops in the Urals, make souvenirs only from real natural stone.

Souvenirs in Vologda
Since the seventeenth century, craftsmen from Vologda have perfected their technique. The sophisticated and sophisticated lace patterns of the craftswoman are woven from an airy linen thread.

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