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Commemorative Gifts for Business Partners

Since time immemorial, among all the peoples of the world, there has been a tradition to present expensive, valuable and memorable gifts. Perhaps they began to give memorable gifts to business partners with the formation of social and political relations in ancient society. This tradition began with giving gifts to their gods or idols and ending with giving important guests, allies or respected people.

People’s memorable gifts, first of all, have symbolic meaning and replace (or reinforce) the words of gratitude, as well as express the positive attitude of the donor to the person being gifted. From the time of the ancient world to the present day, memorable gifts have been a universal communicative tool between people. An outlandish and valuable gift always serves the purpose of maintaining good relations in the future. Not without reason, the old English proverb says: “He who knows how to give – he knows how to live.”

Memorable gifts in Russia
For some peoples, gift giving is elevated to the rank of art and implies certain rituals and rules for presenting and accepting gifts. In Russia, the tradition of giving gifts appeared, presumably with the advent of the Varangians (Vikings), who made their conquests not only by military means, but also, when necessary, enjoyed diplomacy. The offering of rich gifts, as an obligatory part of the relationship between the higher military society, was firmly established among the Normans in the early Middle Ages.

Memorable gifts

The ancient Scandinavians skillfully used the psychological method of establishing relations and always richly gifted those whose location they wanted to win. It could be either the leaders of neighboring tribes, or individual especially valuable warriors needed by the Scandinavian kings (princes).

According to Viking beliefs, the gift had a special effect on the person to whom it was given. If a gift was to the liking of a person and made an impression on him, then the person being gifted fell into some kind of dependence on the gift and on who gave it. Therefore, the Vikings believed that you need to make your gift as soon as possible, from giving the donor, in order to remove the witching charms of the gift you like.

Memorable gifts in modern society
In the modern world, the process of giving a memorable, valuable gift, remains the most important part of our life, especially in production and business relations with our own rules of business etiquette. Giving memorable gifts to business partners is a common event carried out with the aim of establishing business contacts and improving them in the long term.

Memorable and valuable gifts are given, as a rule, after important meetings, or the signing of profitable contracts, as well as to especially significant participants in intersectoral meetings, symposia, and annual shareholders meetings. A memorable gift to a business partner, of course, should leave a memory of the place where the meeting took place.

Commemorative VIP gifts are given for a birthday to the head of the company or the director of the organization. Memorable and symbolic gifts are given on the occasion of any other special occasions to the heads of companies that are partners in business, joint projects and other joint non-profit events.

Memorable gifts to business partners must necessarily be original, stylish and must contain elements of luxury. It is these exclusive gifts that are intended for VIPs, they are determined first of all by their amazing beauty, rarity and value.

Commemorative Gifts from Art Studio BRAND HISTORY
Workshop Art Studio BRAND HISTORY offers you a wide range of status VIP-gifts for gifts to business partners, as well as gifts to other managers who are of great importance to you.

What reason is needed to present an expensive present, and is it appropriate to do this? One can confidently consider the occasion for presenting a stylish, expensive souvenir, an exclusive gift made to order: Anniversary of the company director, partnership negotiations of intentions, conclusion of an important transaction. In the future, the received presents and souvenir gifts will remind your business partners about joint cooperation and will delight you with their aesthetic appearance.

Do not forget that the presentation of a memorable, symbolic souvenir serves as a delicate instrument of diplomacy, an opportunity to establish warm and friendly relations at the personal level of company leaders.

An expensive souvenir should correspond to the status of a person, emphasize his individuality, achievements and successes in work or business. A memorable gift to a business partner should respect him with its interesting content and beauty.

Souvenirs offered by Art Studio BRAND HISTORY workshop have high artistic value, they are filled with deep meaning, reflecting historical events and industry development. You will not find such products in ordinary stores. Each copy gives a person aesthetic pleasure and causes positive emotions.

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