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Interesting facts about gifts

Once the famous Wang said: “Rejoice at the presents, beware of the others.” Indeed, there are gifts, accepting which we bring trouble to the house. What you need to know, how to protect yourself and what to do if there is a danger in the house?

1. Gloves

When a man puts gloves on his hands, he saves his fingers from the cold, but why should he warm with someone else’s warmth? When you receive gloves as a gift, you are in the grip of the donor. In olden times, through gloves it was possible to influence a person, forcing him to obey. Your physical and mental condition can be shaky. Tip: pay off, give a coin to the donor. Then you should “give yourself a gift”, that is, not later than in a week to present gloves to your donor. And if this is not possible, then visit your donor and forget his gloves for a week, all the energy, the power of magic will leave them and spread through his house.

2. Belt

If through gloves there is an impact on your condition, then your actions are protected by a belt. You are constrained, squeezed, you can’t achieve anything, you want, but there isn’t enough “jerk”. You were protected from success, good luck, new horizons, changes. You were presented with a small space for existence. What to do? Again, pay off immediately. Then carry out the ritual: light 3 church candles, put a belt in front of you and read “Our Father” 12 times. Put out the candles. You can put on a belt in a week.

3. Handkerchief

Do not give or accept such a gift. Vanga warned – take a handkerchief, wipe away the tears soon. Since ancient times, in many countries, scarves were given only in difficult periods – they were distributed during the funeral; given to seriously ill; when love took place or marriage was impossible. The scarf symbolizes illness and trouble, therefore, taking it, you take on the misfortunes of the donor. It should immediately pay off. Next, wash the scarf, iron without arrows, put in front of the icons, read “Our Father”, remember the giver and wish him sincerely health, happiness and good luck so that your rite does not harm him.

4. Pectoral cross

If you are not sure of the sincerity of the donor, in no case do not accept the gift! Think about the fate of the donor – if he is happy, successful and rich, then perhaps he wants you to, but if he is haunted by illnesses, failures, problems, then you took the donor’s cross upon you, his fate. In this case, it will not work out. Give the cross to the church. Hand it over to the pawnshop, and give the money to the poor, buy a gift for the giver and give them away. It is impossible to leave the pectoral cross; the powerful force emanates from it.

5. Overseas souvenirs

Friends and relatives brought souvenirs from exotic countries to each of us, but how often did we study the semantic meaning of wonder? If it is a pyramid, then it is a good symbol. If it’s a deity, study it, for which it answers what it bears in itself, and then perform a ceremony, remove the negative and charge with the positive. Wrap any souvenir first in white silk and put in a dark place (best on a cupboard) and keep there for 7 days. After that, within a week, we clean the gift with “golden” and “silver” water in turn. The most dangerous souvenirs are African masks and deities, ritual objects. Remember, knowledge is our weapon.

6. Watch

They can stop the time of your happy, careless life. Buy off immediately.

7. Mirror

It takes away beauty and youth, joy and love of life. Old antique mirrors are especially dangerous. Even rituals do not always help. It’s best not to take a gift, throw it away.

8. Ancient coins

Besides the fact that money has the ability to make all our dreams and fantasies come true, they have always been a cause for contention, and often pushed people to commit crimes. Fatal events and human vices are imprinted on every ancient coin. They contain information about the emotions of each owner of the coin – greed, anger, hatred, etc. We carry out a ritual to clean such damned coins. Wrap the coins in white silk, keep the day on the windowsill. We hold three days in front of the icons, and every morning we burn three church candles. To hide coins in a metal box, you can pull out 1-2 times a week. You can wipe the coins with “golden” water.

9. Malachite

It carries destruction. Everyone remembers the tale “Mistress of the Copper Mountain”? So, if you want to agree with the obstinate stone, then conduct a ceremony. Wrap the decoration (stone) in purple silk. Light a thick church candle in front of a cloth with an object, let it burn out, then light three thin church candles and turn first to the mountain from which this stone was removed. Ask her for blessings and parting words. And then turn to the stone, ask him not to harm you, not to harm, because you have the blessing of mother mountain, otherwise she will split it into grains, grind it into sand and scatter it in the wind. As soon as you have agreed with the stone, wipe it with golden water. For more than 6 hours, malachite jewelry should not be worn.

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