7 interesting gift impressions
The theme of gifts before the New Year is simply inexhaustible. Because each of us has a person who wants to make not a simple gift, but something abruptly. Today…

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Photo frames and paintings, like wrist watches, are a universal gift that can be presented to any person, both close and unfamiliar. In any case, there will be a use…

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What not to give
Presenting gifts is extremely pleasant and even useful. But there are different opinions about what exactly can be given and what cannot be given. It will also take a huge…

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Selection of VIP Gifts

VIP gifts – a separate category of presentations that can successfully perform several different and important functions in communication between people. The choice of VIP gifts should be taken seriously. VIP gifts are gifts to managers, superiors, in general – to any person who, at first glance, is not poor and who has everything necessary. Finally, VIP gifts can serve as a kind of promotion, which will require a competent, unobtrusive implementation of the delivery of VIP gifts.

The choice of a VIP gift should be conscious. First of all, you should understand: vip gifts are elegant, expensive, rare, exclusive and stylish things, and not just catchy, screaming trinkets. Such presentations are valuable, mainly by the quality of workmanship, by the appearance, by the manufacturer, perhaps – by a limited edition of the issue, or by existence in a single copy.

Choosing a good VIP gift
Such art objects will always find application in the everyday life of the owner, without being postponed and forgotten until better times. Good VIP gifts must necessarily be quite original, useful, fitting into the interests, hobbies, or needs of the addressee, and they should make a favorable impression, become an extremely positive surprise, memorable for a long time. In addition, like any gift, they should talk about not indifference, a good attitude towards a person, demonstrate a desire to find something special for him.

If the recipient is a collector, the task is greatly simplified. It is only necessary to choose the perfect complement to his collection, having previously carefully tracked the existing copies, so as not to be repeated. Among the most common options are inlaid lighters, multi-function knives of well-known manufacturers of stainless steel, a stylish keychain distinguished by its original finish, and other little things that are perfectly suitable for more formal occasions, in the absence of a clear idea of ​​the recipient’s hobbies. If you know the hobbies of the gifted, then it can be, for example, a restored football cup of the USSR or similar, very valuable, rare things.

Choosing VIP Gifts

Notable VIP gifts are antique objects, antique-styled objects of very high quality. It can be appliances, players, radios, even phones or laptops, originally decorated with antiques. This also includes antique glasses, wineglasses, wine glasses, decanters of high quality glass and in excellent performance. If a gift is selected for women, it is worth noting various items of decor, interior decoration, figurines, crystal products.

Focusing on jewelry is risky enough, because it’s easy not to guess, but a stylish designer item for the home will please many. In general, the assortment of modern offers is huge and extensive, so the choice is not difficult even if there is only a basic idea of ​​the hobbies, preferences of the intended recipient. In the case of loved ones, the problem completely ceases to exist, because choosing the best gift solution is not a difficult task for a well-known friend.

Choosing a VIP Gift for the Executive
Many of us are faced with the fact that it is necessary to congratulate the leader on the holiday. And here the main difficulty arises – choosing the right gift. What can be presented to a person who already has everything?

The manager or a large businessman, in theory, no longer needs gifts that can be useful in work or everyday life. He does not need gifts with utilitarian properties. For such a person, you need to select exclusive gifts that would rather be objects of art than household appliances.

We suggest you look into our catalog on the site, where there are chic VIP gifts with great symbolism. Our workshop Art Studio BRAND HISTORY independently develops and produces exclusive, thematic gifts for executives. We have art products created on the topics of a particular industry. For example, an exclusive thematic work The first gas well is a gift for the leader working in the oil and gas sector.

A very rare gift made from special materials and with an exclusive design can be given to the head. It is certainly not a shame to give such a gift, since it is on display at several museums in Russia. And the one to whom the present is intended will certainly be satisfied. As such a rare VIP gift, we can offer you the Silver Medal of the city of Saratov in a case made of exotic Wenge wood.

Gifts for people with a high position in society, and who occupy a leadership position, should be distinguished by exclusivity, value and the highest quality of workmanship. If your gift meets these three parameters, then you can safely hand it to a VIP person.

Even if it is a pencil box, but made according to a special design and from expensive, valuable material, then it can be presented to the head.

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