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Amber souvenirs from the Russian Baltic

Are you lucky to relax on the coast of the Amber Region? Would you like to buy amber souvenirs, but were confused in your choice, walking around fairs and shops? Then it’s worth a look at the Amber Museum, where everything is collected in one place. You will plunge into the sea of ​​unique amber souvenirs and amber jewelry. You will learn to understand amber and after visiting the museum you can understand amber. And only then, in local trading shops, and small shops, you can pick up, inexpensive, surprisingly beautiful and very original souvenirs from amber of the Russian Baltic.

Amber – healing stone – the main souvenir of the Land
Amber is the main visiting card of the coast – a treasure born of the sea. The demand for this natural gift among tourists is huge. This is not just a beautiful stone – it is also a healing stone. Today, amazing ways of using amber to enhance human health and beauty have been found. Vacationers are prescribed amber massage or amber crumb walking.

After a storm, the coast is usually bombarded with amber. Admiring this miracle of nature, people slowly walk barefoot over amber stones thrown out by the sea. At the same time, two birds with one stone “kill” – they make a foot massage and collect amber for collections and useful souvenirs. You can also use your free time for a free find of an amber souvenir.

Amber Art
The famous Amber Museum contains unique jewelry made of sun stone. These are home decoration, lots of jewelry, different caskets, very beautiful panels, figurines, beautiful dishes, paintings, icons and even clothes of great people. There is also an amazing, amber portrait of Peter the Great. Women will be interested in jewelry, both from pure amber, and interspersed with it. Here you will find jewelry made in the classic, traditional style, as well as jewelry unusual in its design.

Amber souvenirs

Among the jewelry are unusually elegant beads, necklaces, pendants of various shapes and lengths. Rings, earrings and bracelets are not inferior to them in beauty. Buy them of course for special occasions. Knowing about the healing properties of amber, many wear these jewelry because of problems with the thyroid gland, as well as for preventive purposes – both elegant and useful!

Here you will have the opportunity to make a souvenir yourself. Under the guidance of the master, with your own hands you can make any desired jewelry from amber. You yourself choose a stone, polish it yourself and attach it to the selected base. The amber processing master will help you in realizing your creative ideas for creating creative souvenirs.

Individual portraits and photographs
In the courtyard of the museum you can take a photo for memory. Imagine that you are seated on the royal throne, decorated with a beautiful sphere in the image of a sun stone. The imaginary picture will be embodied in a real souvenir – your portrait. You can take pictures in amber clothes of royal persons – Peter the Great or Catherine the Great.

At the exit from the Amber Museum, souvenir shops are installed. Here you will be kindly helped to choose any jewelry and souvenirs from amber. If you have little time, then there is no need to run around shops and fairs.

Amber powder and amber soap
An original souvenir for women is an amazing cosmetic amber powder. The composition of the product includes microscopic particles of the mineral, which are endowed with unique properties – they heal and rejuvenate the skin. Also pay attention to amber soap. It also has a healing property.

When buying souvenirs from amber of the Russian Baltic, do not forget that here you can buy other outlandish products. For example, fish delicacies. Baltika is a paradise for smoked meat lovers. The choice presented on the shelves is able to surprise any gourmet – Baltic sprats, bream, pike. The main card of the amber region is smoked eel. Smoked eel is a wonderful souvenir for friends and relatives. It is better to choose it in the Central market of the city. Along with amber souvenirs, you will also bring seafood souvenirs home.

“Old Königsberg”
This is an original gift for a husband, brother, friends – a local strong alcoholic drink – cognac with a mild aroma. It has a decent taste. It has a pleasant velvety finish. Beautifully packaged. You can buy at any store. You can find this drink in original souvenir bottles on amber coasters. It can serve as a worthy gift to your leader or friend.

It is worth paying attention to such a drink as Königsberg beer – dark and light, famous for its taste, prepared from natural ingredients and according to proven centuries-old recipes. The history of brewing here dates back to the 12th century.

We wish you to purchase wonderful souvenirs. To please your near and dear ones, friends, leaving something to yourself in memory of the Amber Region of Russia. Good luck!

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