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Have you ever seen dolls that are copies of famous people? Celebrity dolls are an indescribable sight that deserves special attention. Such dolls are called selibriti dolls, or celebrity dolls. They depict various famous people, and the similarity with the originals is very large. There are samples depicting actors, musicians, athletes, cultural and political figures, as well as heroes of popular animated films.

Celebrity dolls are an integral part of the pop culture of our time. After all, every celebrity has a lot of fans who want to see next to them, if not the celebrity herself, then at least her image. We can say that for this there are many colorful posters, badges and other types of images of idols. But, dolls are another. In fact, it is a thumbnail of a living person. She not only looks like her original. Characteristic postures, facial expressions can tell about the features of a particular person.

Celebrity dolls are souvenir dolls and collectibles. They are collected by different people for various reasons. Such collections are often collected from souvenirs presented by acquaintances and friends. Continue reading


What souvenirs most strongly reflect the national color of each country? Of course, these are handicrafts, and among them dolls amulets. These are the items that were made for centuries by the best craftsmen. In our country there are a lot of folk crafts that reflect the national characteristics of different parts. One of the types of folk art is the manufacture of amulets dolls. The art of creating dolls is a unique type of creativity, because it contains various rituals and traditions that have been transmitted from generation to generation for centuries.

The once-disappeared craftsmanship of creating folk dolls is now actively reviving, like many other folk crafts and traditions. Original and unusual souvenirs and gifts have become popular now. The Slavic doll amulet can be attributed to such souvenirs. It will be an excellent gift both for the holiday, and just to make it pleasant for loved ones. These unusual souvenirs can be purchased in special souvenir shops, as well as do it yourself.

When making a gift in the form of a Slavic amulet doll, you need to know its history. Because the Slavs had many such dolls, and each of them had its own meaning. Let’s take a closer look at the role the amulet doll played in the ancient population in Russia and how it was created. Continue reading


Making souvenir dolls is a separate direction in art. Dolls created by craftsmen are very valuable pieces that take part in international exhibitions. Many collectors and museums want to have such samples in their gallery. Souvenir dolls not only give joy when we contemplate them, but many of them allow us to learn more about the culture of different peoples and their lives. The main thing for the master who makes dolls in national costumes is how to accurately convey the spirit of the era that they represent. In the case of author’s dolls, the master is given complete freedom of creativity. This is his fantasy, so the products are extraordinary. They are usually made in a single copy, therefore, the most valuable.

About the story of the appearance of dolls
Making souvenir dolls

The very first pupae appeared long ago. Continue reading

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